Our Vision

Nobody has to die unnecessarily.

Our vision focus in the principle that no one should unnecessarily die or be disabled during birth or from sudden.

Our Mission

It's time to win this battle

Efficacious training methods can help healthcare professionals and laypeople in the wider community save more lives.

What we can do

Products for all

Our solutions can make the difference in effective simulation training. Also our therapy products are the most "high tech".

Simulation-based medical education

Simulation-based medical education enables knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired for all healthcare professionals in a safe, educationally orientated and efficient manner. Procedure-based skills, communication, leadership and team working can be learnt, be measured and have the potential to be used as a mode of certification to become an independent practitioner.
Simulation-based training initially began with life-like manikins and now encompasses an entire range of systems, from synthetic models through to high fidelity simulation suites. These models can also be used for training in new technologies, for the application of existing technologies to new environments and in prototype testing. The level of simulation must be appropriate to the learners’ needs and can range from focused tuition to mass trauma scenarios. The development of simulation centres is a global phenomenon which should be encouraged, although the facilities should be used within appropriate curricula that are methodologically sound and cost-effective.

Our News

A new SimMan® Essential in University Of Ioannina.

A new patient simulator of our portfolio, now covers the training needs of Ioannina University Medical School

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The First SimMan® Essential in Greece placed In PAGNH.

One of the most advanced patient simulator of our portfolio, covers the training needs of Heraklion Creta University (Medical School).

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The new LCSU 4 is raising the bar for Suction Units.

Built to last, the Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 4 combines rugged design with lightweight portability. High performance and low cost, LCSU 4 is the essential tool for every first responder.

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